SoftSummit Conference

Track Descriptions and Potential Topics

Business Track

The business track is designed specifically for heads of product management and operations (sales and support) as well as research and development. This track focuses on the key challenges that application software vendors and high-tech manufacturers face and offers strategies for growing their business, streamlining processes and cutting costs.


  • SaaS and the Cloud – Trends, Adoption and Impact on Your Business
  • Continuous Compliance – Marrying Entitlement Rights to Usage
  • Leveraging Technology to Grow Revenue — Virtualization: Changing the Way you Do Business
  • How Enterprise Organizations Want to Do Business with ISVs
  • Achieving Synergies and Cost Savings After a M&A
  • Increasing the Value of Commoditized Devices with Embedded Software
  • Customer Success Stories– Real Stories from Real Customers
Solution Track – Licensing and Entitlement Management

The solution track is designed specifically for licensing and entitlement management gurus –those people who live and breathe licensing, entitlement management and device lifecycle management – day in and day out. These sessions take a deep dive into how FlexNet Producer Suite addresses the changing needs of application software vendors and high-tech manufacturers. Product roadmaps, new use cases, best practices and customer stories will be the focus of these sessions.


  • How to Monetize Virtualization
  • Virtualization and Licensing – Best Practices, Industry Standards
  • Consumption-based licensing – Best Practices and How to Move Away from Perpetual?
  • Monetizing Embedded Software –Bringing Products to Market Faster
  • Automating device lifecycle processes –Device Activation, Returns, Upgrades, Upsells, Renewals and Updates
  • Embracing LSB – How do customers take advantage of the new standards?
  • Migrating from Dongles – What’s next?
  • Detailed Review and Discussions on Product Roadmaps
  • Customer Success Stories – Real Stories from Real Customers
FlexNet Producer Suite On-Demand User Group Track

The FlexNet Producer Suite On-Demand User Group track is designed for current and future users of the On-Demand components of our FlexNet Producer Suite solution. We will discuss what enhancements have been made in both the application and the infrastructure supporting our FlexNet Producer Suite On-demand platform over the last year and share our Roadmap vision for the next, including giving you a chance to influence the features the will be added to the product by discussing and voting on possible enhancements. Customer success stories from implementing the product will also be highlighted. Collaboration with fellow users is highly encouraged within this track throughout the entire conference.

















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