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2009 Track Descriptions and Potential Topics

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Join Flexera Software for an in depth look at the roadmap for the future of the software industry and the part Flexera Software’s solutions will play for both ISV and Enterprise customers. Both visionary and practical, the in depth discussions that will follow will address questions specific to Flexera Software solutions and specific product features will also be addressed.

Software Roadmap and User Group Sessions

Topics include:

Bridging the Gap Between Software Producers and Enterprise IT: The Future of License and Entitlement Management

The technology landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and some of the advancements challenge traditional methods of pricing and licensing. Software buyers and producers alike struggle to cope, as they seek to leverage the new technologies. Key trends such as server virtualization have made hardware-based metrics such as 'per processor' incomplete, but the obvious alternatives have their own limitations. Mr. Patel's keynote presentation will highlight the opportunities and risks faced by software producers and enterprises, and will provide guidance on how to navigate this evolving ecosystem to meet business goals.

Software Optimization: A Revolutionary Concept for Enterprises in the Way they Manage Software Vendors

Procter & Gamble is a progressive company known for its operational excellence and sophisticated supply chain. With the assistance of Flexera Software, P&G developed a software optimization program that maximizes the value of P&G's current software investments and ensures future software purchases are in complete alignment with the needs of the business. Join this panel discussion, moderated by IDC analyst Amy Konary, to better understand industry best practices in managing software vendors. Enterprise software users will benefit from recommendations designed to maximize the return on software investments and software producers will gain insight into key customer trends.

FlexNet Publisher Product Roadmap and User Group Session

Presented by John Frame, Senior Director of Product Management, and Sai Vedantam, Senior Manager, Software Development, Flexera Software

FlexNet Operations Product Roadmap and User Group Session

Bashyam Anant, Director, Product Management, and Sridevi Ravuri, Senior Manager, Software Development, Flexera Software

FlexNet Suite On-Demand offers software delivery and entitlement management for software producers in a SaaS environment. We will present an overview of recent and upcoming releases. We will also present concepts for future features and solicit feedback from customers and prospects.

High-Tech Manufacturers/FlexNet Embedded Product Roadmap and User Group Session

Priya Rajagopalan, Director, Product Management, and Vikram Koka, Vice President, Flexera Software

This interactive session will present the roadmap for FlexNet Embedded, a new licensing client that is highly configurable and specifically designed to meet the needs of high tech manufacturers. We will focus on the challenges faced by high tech manufacturers in licensing and entitlement management, present concepts for future releases and solicit audience feedback.

FlexNet Connect Product Roadmap and User Group Session

Bashyam Anant, Director, Product Management, and Rich Aquino, Senior Engineering Manager, Flexera Software

FlexNet Connect enables software updates and installed base intelligence for widely deployed desktop software. We will present an overview of recent and upcoming releases. We will also present concepts for future features and solicit feedback from customers and prospects.

FlexNet Suite On-Demand Product Roadmap and User Group Sessions

Topics include:

Accomplishments Over the Past Year

Presented by Don Turtle, Engineering Manager, Flexera Software

Join us for a review of what Flexera Software has accomplished with the FlexNet Operations On-Demand service over the past year including improvements and enhancements made in response to attendees’ suggestions from last year’s User Group meeting.

FlexNet Suite On-Demand Roadmap

Presented by Bashyam Anant, Director, Product Management, and Toby Pieper, Vice President, Engineering, Flexera Software

FlexNet Suite On-Demand offers software delivery and entitlement management for software producers in a SaaS environment. We will present an overview of recent and upcoming releases. We will also present concepts for future features and solicit feedback from customers and prospects.

Voting items review

Presented by Toby Pieper, Vice President, Engineering, Flexera Software

Share your insights and provide input on the FlexNet Suite On-Demand roadmap priorities for the next year in this highly interactive session. Acresso will provide attendees with a list of items that will be discussed during the session. Be prepared to vote afterwards on the top 5 items that you would like to see incorporated into future releases of the service.

Voting time

Facilitated by Allison Hennessy, Client Services Manager, Flexera Software

*Voting Results will be presented Thursday, October 22, 7:30 am – 8:30 am at a special breakfast presentation located in the Telegraph Room, Second Floor.

Enterprise License Optimization Strategies and Case Studies

Topics include:

The Impact of Virtual Technology and the Cloud on Software License Management

Presented by: Jeanne Morain, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances, InstallFree

Existing software vendor contracts, pricing models and business policies seem logical, but there are many unexpected changes required to transition software products into the "virtual" world. Many of the pre-existing practices for software licenses can be a challenge when combined with virtualization. It is essential for ISVs and their customers to understand the risks, trends in licensing, and impact or adjustments on current tools and processes for tracking, deploying and implementing software in a virtual environment. This session will cover key areas such- What are the different types of virtualization and how do they impact current license models? What are the industry trends for usage from traditional deployments to Cloud and their impact on traditional license models? What are risks to the business (vendor and customers)? What major vendors are doing to enable promotion and distribution of their technology while maintaining license control in a virtual world?

Drive One: Integrating FlexNet Manager at Ford Motor Company

Jake Covert: Systems Administrator, Ford CLS Team

Ford Motor Company supports engineers' license needs in over 34 countries across the globe. Our Central License System (CLS) department utilizes FlexNet Manager to provide a global dashboard of all FLEXlm network licenses. Join us for an overview of Ford IT's challenges and key integration successes in using FlexNet Manager to reduce our enterprise complexity and bring value-add license consumption reporting to our business customers.

Preparing for a Software Vendor Compliance Review: Improving Response and Realizing Cost Savings through SAM

Presented by: Christopher Ruhl, Director and Bruce Vanderbush, Principal/Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Software vendor license compliance reviews can require a lot of your company's time and effort if you do not know what to expect and if you haven't actively managed your software assets. Join us for a discussion on what you can expect, how to prepare and hear about some of the common challenges and findings during a typical software vendor license compliance review. We will also discuss how your company can better manage its software assets and realize cost savings though a Software Asset Management ("SAM") program.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pricing and Licensing Strategies for Software Publishers and High-Tech Manufacturers Track

License to Win!

Presented by: Walter Baker, Partner, and Anupam Agarwal, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Structural shifts in the software industry have affected the way software is licensed, priced and purchased. As adoption of open source and utility-based models increase, the complexity of software pricing increases as well. This presentation will explore how software producers can maximize the value of their products while still meeting their customers increasing demands.

Thinking about Virtualization?

David Znidarsic, Vice President, Technology, Flexera Software

It seems that Virtualization is once again the “hottest” topic of discussion. As “hot” as virtualization seems to be, still today software producers seemed challenged when trying to understand its impact on their business. In that regard, Flexera Software conducted an extensive virtualization survey amongst software producer to find out how vendors are tackling this latest technology advancement. Please join us for an interactive session where Virtualization survey results will be shared and where key trends and predictions will be brought forward.

How to Leverage Licensing and Entitlement Management to Achieve Success High-Tech Manufacturers Panel Discussion

Moderated by Steve Schmidt, Flexera Software; with Manish Sharma, Alcatel Lucent and Jason Ruppert, Harmonic

A precarious economic situation combined with immense competitive pressures makes it challenging for high-tech manufacturers to penetrate new markets efficiently. How do you gain market share, prevent margin erosion due to price wars, and effectively fight grey market abuse while ensuring a good customer experience? Please join us for an interactive panel discussion where our panelists will be discussing these issues and the role that licensing and entitlement management can play in tackling (solving?) these challenges.

Pricing Strategies—Re-Thinking Yours?

Cris Wendt, Principal Consultant, Flexera Software and Jim Geisman, Software Pricing Partners. Inc.

As technology becomes commoditized, companies can no longer drive growth with new products, gee-whiz technology, or more advanced features. In fact, more software companies are relying on pricing-related strategies to drive their growth. This session discusses how pricing is the driving force in four key strategic areas. Applied properly, pricing can help remove some of the impediments to sales that slow the growth in customers, revenues, and profits.

The Yin-Yang of Entitlement Management & License Management: An Operational Perspective

Bob Mullen, Director of Operations, Sybase

Software entitlement is more than a transaction; it represents an on-going relationship between software producers, ISV and the customer and is subject to numerous lifecycle events. Ownership of software is typically not transferred, and usage is governed by license terms and conditions. Yet the software by itself normally cannot enforce compliance with these license terms. Another component is needed to achieve balance – License Management.

What are the entitlement lifecycle events? How can they be managed in a customer self-service world? How can license management help balance the necessary flexibility of the software distribution and the controls of the license terms and conditions? This session will illustrate how Sybase, Inc. has addressed these questions.

FlexNet Operations On-Demand Product Roadmap and Case Studies

Voting Results and Breakfast

Telegraph Hill Room, Second Floor
Presented by Toby Pieper, Vice President of Engineering, Flexera Software

Results from Wednesday’s voting session will be presented during this breakfast session. We will discuss how your feedback will be prioritized and integrated into the coming year’s FNO-OD service road map.

Exploring the Upcoming FlexNet Suite On-Demand Reporter Release

Presented by: Patrick McDonough, Senior Database Administrator, Flexera Software

A preview of the upcoming FlexNet Suite On-Demand Reporter tool. In this hour session we will discuss new site navigation, features and improvements for the Reporter tool.

Major topics:

  • Flexible report management
  • Robust in-line editing
  • Advanced report creation tool (java panel)
  • Ranking, input controls, merging multiple universe dimensions
  • New functions including – running totals, running count…
  • Tips and tricks for all levels of Reporter users

Large File Download Distribution – Issues and Improvements

Judy Kidawolski, Sr. Project Manager, RSA, the Security Division of EMC

This presentation will share our customer's perception of our Download Site when our product file size increased to 3+ Gig. Downloads were taking to long, the download files were incomplete or being terminated. I will outline how our Operations Organization approached analyzing the problems, and the tools and processes being used to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer Case Study: Supporting the Full Customer Relationship Lifecycle

iRise's SubscribeNet/Sales Force Integration

Dan Seta, Head of Enterprise Support and Electronic Software Delivery, iRise

iRise's SubscribeNet/Sales Force integration allows iRise Marketing, Inside Sales and Support teams to hit the ground running with TBYB prospects. Prospects register, get entitled to software and leads are created and workflow triggered in Sales Force. Each team has the necessary information and is empowered to move forward selling to or supporting the prospect.

Leverage FlexNet Suite On-Demand for Physical Product Fulfillment

Tim Shaffer, President and Founder, Nexstra

Companies that adopt electronic software delivery (ESD) as their primary delivery method are typically unable to completely eliminate physical delivery due to various requirements by customers. Companies who adopt ESD as their primary delivery method face issues such as high per-unit cost for production, and compliance with corporate and government regulations including sales tax, revenue recognition, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, export compliance.

FlexNet Suite On-Demand can be leveraged to implement a low cost hybrid product fulfillment solution that solves the problems of continuing to provide physical goods to your customers. This presentation will cover how you can leverage your FlexNet investment to address these issues.

Enterprise License Optimization Strategies and Case Studies

Making the Most of Cognos in FlexNet Manager

Presented by: John Smith, Principal Consultant, Flexera Software

Enterprises managing software have a daunting task — generating useful information on license usage out of large data sets. To address this need, FlexNet Manager by Flexera Software now incorporates Cognos for custom report design. This session will demonstrate how to unlock the power of Cognos to create rich reports tailored to your organization’s needs.

First Glance at FlexNet Manager v. 14 & Flexera Software's Vision for 2010 and Beyond

Presented by: Donna Yobs, Senior Product Manager, Flexera Software

FlexNet Manager centralizes software license management to help organizations optimize software use and spending. Donna Yobs will present an overview of recent and upcoming releases. She will also present concepts for future features and solicit feedback.

Roundtable Discussions: An Opportunity to Share Best Practices

Past attendees have told us that one of the biggest reasons they come to SoftSummit is for the networking. For the first year ever, we are offering a session intended to help you more easily make connections with other attendees that want to talk about the same topics. You can expect at least three roundtables to run at the same time with pre-determined topics and designated moderators ready with questions designed to stir conversation. Ultimately this hour is about providing you an opportunity to ask other attendees things like:

  • How can I successfully migrate from an older version of FlexNet Manager?
  • How does your company handle chargeback?
  • How do you coordinate with procurement and manage contracts?

Lockheed Martin’s Lessons Learned on the Road to Higher ROI

Carla Enfield, Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin has been continually improving how it manages its software licenses for years. Join Carla Enfield as she shares the lessons her team has learned and the tools they’ve used to simplify license administration across 20+ U.S. license servers, improve customer support and consolidate the information necessary to make more informed and cost-effective purchasing decisions.

CELUG and EDAC Tackling Today's Challenges Together

Presented by Lee Levinson, CELUG, and David Graubart, Synopsys

Change is inevitable - IT budgets are only getting tighter and overseas piracy is only getting more sophisticated. Software producers and their enterprise customers must collaborate to adapt and address these mutual business challenges. Join this birds of a feather discussion led by Lee Levenson, the Chairman of the Centralized Enterprise Licensing User Group (CELUG), and Dave Graubart, the Chairman of the EDA Consortium Anti-Piracy Committee, to hear about several emerging trends and learn what you can do to put your organization in the best position for success in the short- and long-term.

Trends and Predictions for Software Pricing & Licensing - First look at the 2009 Results

Amy Konary, Research Director, IDC

Amy Konary, Research Director at IDC will present the findings of 6th annual licensing and pricing survey results gathered from the software industry among executives at both software vendors and enterprise customers. This presentation will provide valuable data and insight into how software vendors and enterprises view pricing and licensing issues, and summarize practices that are in use today and those that will be instituted in the coming years.

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