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The Changing Software Landscape: Pricing Download Now
and Purchasing Trends

Ken Berryman, Principal, McKinsey & Co.


Adapt and Survive - Flexibility through Download Now
Software Licensing

John Garrison and Diane Kakihara, Accelrys, Inc


The Road to Software Licensing - Issues & Decisions Download Now

Chandra Shekar, Nokia


Consolidation of licenses, managing licenses Download Now
globally to leverage your software assets

Sandy Holmgren, Agilent


The Future of Software Pricing, Purchasing Download Now
and Licensing - Unveiling FLEXnet

Dan Stickel, Macrovision


Software as a service: building more Download Now
successful customer relationships

Jim Steele,


Buidling a successful layered product strategy for Download Now
open source platforms using software licensing

Rich Altmaier, Silicon Graphics, Inc


Global management of your software, bill-back Download Now
accounting based on license usage

Jimiel C. Knighton, Honeywell Aerospace


Product Activation: A Case Study Download Now

Eric Thompson, Macromedia


Utility Pricing: Benefits and Challenges Download Now
for the Publisher and the Customer

Sean Hogan, WindRiver


Challenges of Software Provisioning: Download Now
Enabling the IT Utility

Robin Purohit, Veritas


Software Capacity Planning: How to budget for Download Now
future purchases and use your license usage
information to make strategic business decisions

Dan Griffith, Motorola


Implementing Market Segmentation by Selective Download Now
Feature Licensing

Urshit Parikh, Cisco


Software Asset Management in a Global Environment Download Now

Jaqueline Woods, Oracle


Software Pricing, Licensing and Delivery Download Now
Models: The Future is Now

Stephen Graham,IDC Corporation


3 Pricing Strategies Publishers Use for Download Now
Revenue Growth

Mark Horler, Macrovision


Realizing the Benefits of Electronic Download Now
License Management

Grant Robinson, Borland Software


Next Generation of Hardware and Download Now
Software Licensing

Suresh Balasubramanian, Macrovision


Survival of the Fittest - Strategies for Adapting Download Now
to the Evolving Software as a Service Environment

Peter Jackson, Intraware


Methodology for introducing a new licensing model Download Now
into a traditional software environment

Dr. Kevin W. King, BASIS International


Software Pricing Principles Download Now

Walt Baker, McKinsey and Company


How corporations want to buy their software. Download Now
Best practices in implementing licensing

Dan Griffith, Motorola


Next Generation of Software Asset Management Download Now

James Griffin, Macrovision


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