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Flexera Software - Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

For more than 25 years, tens of thousands of businesses across the world have relied on Flexera Software to profitably and efficiently manage application license and entitlement processes. Today we're powering the business of software with our flagship FlexNet products and other market leading solutions so that those who make software and those who use and manage it can maximize revenue, cut costs, and eliminate manual processes. For more information, visit

Arxan - Silver Sponsor
Silver Sponsor

Arxan Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of software security solutions that protect applications from attack in distributed or un-trusted environments. We harden applications against tampering and reverse engineering for unauthorized use, piracy, and theft of intellectual property. Our advanced software protection solutions secure ISV, digital media providers’ and enterprise applications to proactively defend the integrity of code and business models. We defend, detect, alert and react to attacks through a threat-based, customizable approach. Proven, durable and resilient, Arxan’s offerings support a full range of application protection needs that are easy to use and non-disruptive.

Arxan has partnered with the license-management leader Flexera Software to build a seamless and easy-to-use application protection solution, GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher. GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher helps curb piracy-related revenue loss by safeguarding the integrity of licensing technology against tampering and piracy. FlexNet Publisher has long enabled software producers to prevent unauthorized usage without negatively impacting the end user’s experience. Now, combined with Arxan’s industry-leading software protection technology, software-driven businesses can have unprecedented security against software piracy with GuardIT for FlexNet Publisher.

Founded in 2001, Arxan Technologies has offices in Bethesda, MD, San Francisco, CA and West Lafayette, IN. For more information, please visit or call 301.968.4290

Akamai - Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Simply put, Akamai® makes the Internet work for business. Addressing the challenges of the public Internet, the Akamai Intelligent Internet Platform™ provides its customers with a robust platform for cloud computing, ecommerce, software downloads and HD video. The Akamai Intelligent Internet Platform™ delivers performance, scalability, security and useful data and is made up of more than ninety thousand, globally distributed servers spanning most of the networks within the Internet. To learn more, please visit or follow @Akamai on Twitter.

Nexstra - Exhibiting Sponsor

Exhibiting Sponsor

Nexstra’s Commerce system provides comprehensive, outsourced, production-on-demand physical fulfillment services that is tightly integrated into FlexNet Delivery. For further information, please visit

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