SoftSummit Conference

Technology continues to change and evolve at an unprecedented pace. The strategic importance of applications continues to grow and mature. Applications no longer just help the business—they run the business—and to software vendors and, increasingly, intelligent device manufacturers, they are the business. Yet most companies manage application usage tactically, if at all.

To compete and win today, software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers must go to market faster with differentiated products, ensure they are fairly compensated, make every dollar spent count and retain every single customer. All of this must be done while facing substantial competition and hurdles.

SoftSummit is the only conference that brings delves into the issues and challenges facing the software and intelligent device product lifecycle — and provides strategic guidance for staying competitive and agile in today’s fast-changing market. SoftSummit brings together industry analysts, thought-leaders, peers and colleagues from software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers facing these very challenges.

SoftSummit attendees get the unique opportunity to discuss and analyze the newest technologies and trends concerning Saas, the Cloud, Virtualization and Connected (Intelligent) Devices. Attendees will learn about the impact these technologies and trends have on licensing, monetization, entitlement management, device lifecycle management, usage management as well as software delivery and updating policies and processes.

SoftSummit attendees will learn how to leverage strategies and solutions to capitalize on key technologies to grow, and in some cases, transform their business. And most importantly, attendees will hear from companies just like their own, who have embraced these technologies and trends to transform their business and prosper.

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